Organic Jaggery

Organic Jaggery
Product Description
Get in touch with Rav Exim Pvt. Ltd. to get a continuous supply of organic jaggery. A natural sweetener that is also considered as a healthy alternation of sugar. This unrefined sugar product also called gur in India, is produced in the country in huge amount. India is the largest producer of natural jaggery, accounting to about 70% of the production worldwide. In the making process, juice is extracted from sugarcane is then clarified and concentrated. All impurities present in it are skimmed off the top while stirring jaggery till a yellow and dough-like paste is made. The gur is given the shape in moulds. The grade of the gur can be determined with its color and texture. It can be used for following purposes:
  • Sweeten tea and coffee
  • Making desserts
  • Making traditional drinks
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